Corporate Gifting - what you need to know

Published:14 Jun 2022

Do you remember the last time you received a corporate gift? It might have been something small, like a pen or a mug, or it could have been something much bigger, like a trip to an exotic destination.

Corporate gifts have been around for centuries! The tradition is thought to have started in ancient Rome, where companies would give their employees presents during the Saturnalia festival. This practice eventually spread to other countries and cultures, becoming a popular way for businesses to show their appreciation to their employees and clients.

There are many different types of corporate gifts that companies can give. The most popular corporate gifts are usually items that are practical and can be used on a daily basis, like mugs, pens, or notepads. However, some companies also like to give more unique and luxurious corporate gifts, like tickets to a concert or a spa day.

Corporate gifts work so well because they show that you are thinking about the person receiving the gift. They also show that you are willing to spend money on something that is not directly related to your business. This can go a long way in building relationships with your employees and clients.

Corporate gifts should be sent to people who have been particularly loyal or helpful to your company. They can also be sent to people who you want to build a stronger relationship with. Corporate gifts are usually sent around holidays, like Christmas or Easter, but they can also be sent for other special occasions, like a company anniversary, or an anniversary of them doing business with you.

If you are thinking about sending corporate gifts, be sure to consider who you are sending them to and when you are sending them. This will help ensure that your corporate gifts are on point!

The average spend in the UK on corporate gifts is £173 per person, with the most popular corporate gifts being food and drink hampers, followed by experience days and gift vouchers. (Source: Statista) Ye consider that some companies do not allow employees to accept corporate gifts that are worth more than a certain amount of money. This is because it could be seen as a form of bribery. For example, if a company has a policy that employees can only accept corporate gifts that are worth £50 or less, then they would not be able to accept a corporate gift that is worth £100. For this reason, it can be a good idea to have a budget in mind for your corporate gift.

It could also be worth speaking to a line manager or HR department before corporate gifting, to ensure that you are aware of any company policies that might apply.

Corporate gifts are a great way to show your appreciation to your employees and clients. If you are thinking about sending corporate gifts, be sure to consider the finer details.

Packaging is an important consideration when corporate gifting. Many companies choose to have their corporate gifts packaged in a way that is consistent with their branding. For example, if a company’s corporate colours are green and silver, they may choose to have their corporate gifts wrapped in green tissue paper with a silver ribbon. This helps to create a cohesive look and feel for the corporate gifts, and it also helps to reinforce the company’s branding.

Types of corporate gifts

There are many different types of corporate gifts, and the best type of corporate gift will depend on your budget, the relationship between you and the recipient, and the occasion.

Food and drink is a popular choice. Again, you may wish to consider dietary or religious restrictions. Alcohol is often given as a corporate gift, but it is worth considering whether this is appropriate. You may wish to err on the side of caution and select an alcohol free alternative.

Also consider veganism. It is estimates that there are around 600,000 vegans in the UK (Source: The Vegan Society), so it is worth considering corporate gifts that are suitable for vegans. Chocolate is a good option, as there are many vegan chocolate brands available. We have many vegan options!

Another popular choice for corporate gifting is experience days. Experience days can make great corporate gifts as they can be used for a real memorable moment.

While many companies invite people to corporate away days, you can also give the gift of an experience using a gift card, or the Simply Thank You onecode.