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Sustainable gifts for customers and employees

Our collection of sustainable gifts are made by independent UK brands and are ethically sourced. For environmentally conscious presents, we've got it wrapped up.

The best gift you can give? Sustainability! Our range of sustainable gifts is ever growing and we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

On top of this, we are also becoming more conscious in how we wrap and send our items.

  • In our fragile products we are changing from the standard plastic airfill to a 100% recycled and biodegradable alternative called Flexi-Hex.
  • We have now eliminated all plastic flower transport pots and replaced this with a more eco conscious felt option
  • Plastic tape will soon be replaced with eco paper tape (2023)
  • In our flower care pack the inner plastic wallet on the flower boxes has now been replaced with a paper alternative meaning all flower boxes will now be recyclable.
  • We are currently researching how we can replace the plastic cellophane with an eco-friendly paper alternative.
  • This is just the start of our journey to offer sustainable gifts and decrease waste in our business over the long term.