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Saying Thank You

We make it simple to reward

Delight customers, employees and prospects, whatever the occasion and whatever your role. We offer an unrivalled choice of incentives and rewards for business.



Engage, inspire & motivate

Employees who are rewarded and recognised in the workplace feel more inspired to go above and beyond.

Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated

Simply Reward


Retain & win back customers

Saying sorry matters, and if you need to do customer apology gifts at scale, we can help. Let us send the apology gift, branded and personalised down to the font on the note and the ribbon colour. We’ll deliver the next day, direct to your customer. Send hampers, personalised gifts, luxury goods, or let our concierge team pick. Or, why not let them choose with the onecode?

Thank your customer for complaining and mean it. Most will never bother to complain. They’ll just walk away.

Simply Retain



Acquire new business

Look after your customers with customer rewards, designed to keep your brand top of mind, improving loyalty, NPS scores and overall engagement. Whether you want to run a one off campaign to win new business and grow faster with carefully selected gifts, or run an ongoing reward programme, choose from our unrivalled range of reward gifts. The customer can pick their own treat on a branded site using the powerful onecode, or we can send your choice of gift directly to their door, customised to your business.

Treat each customer as if they are the only one.

Simply Acquire


Employees are fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work, with our rewards programme.

Employees are crying out for rewards that aren’t prescriptive. If you want to be a great place to work – start with the basics. Reward, recognition and motivation aren’t nice to haves, they are must haves. We’ll help you get your strategy on track.


unique functionality

Attract, retain, reward, recover or just say 'thank you'

Customer acquisition

Gain new business through the use of smart incentives and reward programmes. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to help them get it right and we can help you too. Send branded, wrapped gifts in your brand colours to prospects, or use the onecode to start activating time-sensitive promotions to engage new and existing customers.

Customer retention

Give that extra care and attention to customers and reap the rewards in the form of loyal customers. Surprise them at random with a gift personalised to their personality or circumstances, or co-ordinate a planned campaign to retain your whole customer base with Simply Thank You.

Customer loyalty

Reward and maintain loyalty with an appealing reward programme that puts the customer at the heart of everything. We’ll help you offer the best of rewards for loyalty from years of experience serving businesses across the world.

Customer service

Find new ways to satisfy a disappointed customer and turn service failures into moments of delight. It’s possible! Our concierge team can work with your call handlers or customer care teams to source gifts to a set budget that works for you.



Trusted by over 5000 businesses big and small


Virgin Atlantic Airways

We've been working with Simply Thank You for over 10 years to help us recognize and appreciate our customers and our people with gifts and treats.

The Parts Alliance

The system linked to our loyalty programme has helped better engage with our customer base and increase our retention rate by 10%.

Yorkshire Building Society Group

Simply Thank You have been instrumental in enabling us to quickly and easily test two concepts; surprise & delight, and customer service recovery.

Co-op Group

We have grown our employee recognition scheme with Simply Thank You over the past seven years.

Northumbrian Water

We introduced a gift giving system through Simply Thank You to both wow our customers and offer an alternative apology.

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