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Make Things Right with a Personalised Gift

Need to say sorry to a customer? In a world of social media where reputation is everything, you need a strategy that’s not left to chance. At Simply Thank You we’ve been helping global businesses say sorry for decades. Our concierge team and online platforms are available so in a few clicks, your call handlers can get the recipient a gift that’s relevant to their situation. With instant digital delivery through the oncecode, or next day delivery for physical gifts, the issue can be corrected swiftly. Why not take a look at our range and see what you can send? We’ll brand the items to your business and take care of the apology note too. Turn bad experiences into brand experiences with Simply Thank You.

We are proud to offer the best apology gifts for clients from our UK facility. With Simply Thank You you can choose the perfect gift, from personalised sorry gifts that will really wow your clients to hampers, luxury goods or a onecode gift card.

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It's not what you say, it's how you say it (and we've got the perfect solution)

Apology gifts for clients don't have to be expensive, but they should be thoughtful. A good way to start is by finding out what your client's interests are. If they love a particular wine or cheese, you could put together a hamper with their favourite things. For the more luxury-minded client, you could consider a gift voucher for a day of pampering! The Simply Thank You onecode is a digital reward code that can be swapped for gift cards, e gift cards and treats! Gifts of apology are a great way to show your clients that you value their business. By taking the time to find the perfect gift, you can show them how much you appreciate their patronage.

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Customisable & Branded ‘I’m sorry’ Gifts for your business

Persoanlised apology gifts are a great way to show your clients that you're truly sorry for any inconvenience caused. With Simply Thank You, you can add your company logo and brand message to a range of luxury gifts, hampers and gift vouchers. Let us send the apology gift, branded and personalised down to the font on the note and the ribbon colour. We’ll deliver the next day, direct to your customer. We'll work with you to create the perfect apology gift for your business!

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Let Simply Thank You help you say sorry the right way

Good apology gifts can be hard to come by, but with Simply Thank You, you're guaranteed to find the perfect way to say sorry. Contact us today to learn more about our range of apology gifts for clients!

Need help choosing?

If you need a hand choosing employee gifts, our concierge service Ask Becca is here, and we can help you pick the perfect corporate gift. Reward and recognise their loyalty, thank and celebrate with the very best customer gifts.

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