Increase your customer base with tactical rewards

Want to improve customer acquisition?

Customer acquisition, whether you are running a switch incentive or outreach to a new market, has to have global appeal to give ROI.

Attract new business with gifts that really deliver. If your marketing team has been looking for a way to incentivise sales and drive loyalty, we can help. We offer two choices. Choose a campaign of attraction with the Simply Thank You Gift range. We’ll supply the gifts and cover the branding on each item, customised to you. Or, if you’re serious about ongoing incentives, the onecode will work perfectly for you. Give a 16-digit code from a branded platform, and let the recipient choose their treat. It’s all part of the Simply Thank You service.

With our customer incentive programs run with the onecode digital reward code, you can say thank you and reward your customers for their loyalty time and time again.

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Customer Incentive Ideas

Customer incentives are effective. studies show that customer incentives increase brand purchase among current customers by an average of 18%. Incentives also create loyalty and customer retention.

According to Harvard Business Review, “loyalty has a major impact on company profitability.” In fact, a 5% increase in customer loyalty can lead to a 75% increase in profits. A new customer incentive code can help you attract new customers and show your appreciation for their business. By offering a reward, you can encourage new customers to try your product or service.

Yet with packages and promotions in the marketplace offering fierce competition, you need to differentiate yourself. Enhance your marketing efforts with an incentivise to sign up. Give perks for packages and deals, or reward long term loyal customer and advocates.

If customer service is a challenge, create powerful brand moments by equipping your customer care and retention teams with the onecode, by sending a onecode, the recipient can choose from thousands of rewards, including holidays, gifts, gift cards and experiences.

Connect to your customers and make rewards that are worth switching to. Run your own marketing campaigns choosing from thousands of rewards to incentivise your latest services. Give bonuses to existing or new customers and top up their onecode. Reduce friction in the business and coax back wavering customers. Don't just pick any gift or gift card though! You need the onecode.

New customer incentive codes built with the onecode digital reward code are the perfect way to keep your customers coming back for more.

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Why use an incentive platform?

We've been working with Simply Thank You for over 10 years to help us recognize and appreciate our customers and our people with gifts and treats. Their bespoke wrapping service is just one of the things we love about them, along with their fantastic staff, great service, integrity and flexibility.

Brand Manager
at, Virgin Atlantic

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