Give an employee thank you with our recognition gifts. Great for christmas, new employees, leaving gifts and retirement

Our employee gifts and employee rewards are unbeatable. Hand wrapped in Darlington UK, with next day delivery, we offer the very best range. Send personalised employee gifts and delight your team!

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Need employee gifts for your team?

**Gifts for employees can be a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work...but what do you choose? **

Most companies go for a gift card for a retailer they select or the same old treat they get year in year out - but we think you can do better than that!

Our incredible range is hand wrapped and personalised in our UK premises. We have a whole team dedicated to sourcing ethical, suitable luxury gifts that are perfect employee treats- and we won't let you down!

That's why we are trusted by global brands whether we are delivering hampers and wine sets to flowers, letterbox gifts, vegan treat boxes or luxury beauty and skincare.

We deliver the next day, and can customise right down to the box it's sent in, as well as the ribbon and wrapping. Send us your design requirements and we will meet them!

When it comes to choosing employee gifts, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, try to find something that is relevant to them. This will show that you took the time to think about them as an individual, and not just another cog in the machine. Second, make sure the gift is something that they will actually use. There is nothing worse than receiving a gift that just ends up collecting dust on a shelf.

We offer two solutions - the onecode, which can be swapped by the recipient for their choice of gifts, gift cards or digital codes, or our incredible shop packed with premium employee gifts that everyone will love.

Employee gift vouchers and gift cards with the onecode

If you're stuck for ideas, employee gift vouchers are always a popular choice. Whether it's for their favourite restaurant, store or online retailer, your employees will be sure to appreciate a gift card that they can use however they please. The onecode digital reward code can be swapped for gift cards, e gift cards and physical products that the employee chooses. These are ideal as employee christmas gifts, but are perfect any time of the year.

Send digitally to their mobile or email in seconds!

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Employee leaving & retirement gifts

Employee leaving gifts are a nice way to show your appreciation for their work and dedication over the years and if you're looking for the perfect keepsake to celebrate the career achievements of a colleague - we can help there too! Our concierge team are on hand to advise on the very best options for leaving gifts or retirement gifts, working to a set budget and even persoanlising the item(s) for you.

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Ongoing employee rewards

Recognise and reward your team, increasing motivation and engagement with ongoing employee rewards on a reward platform for your staff!

We’ll create the recognition platform that works for your business with thousands of rewards for them to choose from. No one has the range we do! If you’re focused on becoming a great place to work, you need a strong reward and recognition culture, yet often the rewards are prescriptive.

With the onecode, you will have an employee rewards platform where you can give rewards in a way that works for you. Every company is unique, and how you recognise your team should be too. Choose your own bespoke branding, layout, choice of how you offer points and the gift range, also customjsing your manager dashboards and reports. Our smart API’s and digital wallet capabilities mean you can customise your rewards for better engagement and total control.

Employee Gifts for Christmas

It's nearly that time of year! We have decades of experience in providing the very best gifts for employee appreciation at Christmas.

Wondering what to gift employees for Christmas?

A recent study from Cartwright & Butler of 500 office workers to discover the best UK corporate gifts revealed food and beverage products were the most sought after gift from employees, with almost a half of participants hoping to receive chocolates, hampers and alcohol. For 47%, their wish was to get gift cards, 28% wanted technological items and stationary was desired by 27%.

Wondering how much to spend?

More than half of the businesses surveyed admitted to spending more on client gifts than for staff. 57 per cent of companies spend up to £150 on a client gift, while 43 per cent spend under £50 per staff gift.

Importantly, an overwhelming majority (94%) said that how personal and thoughtful their staff Christmas gift is determines whether they will feel grateful or disappointed!

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Are employee gifts taxable /tax deductible?

In the UK, HMRC states that "trivial benefits" provided by an employer are exempt from both income tax and national insurance. A trivial benefit is something that costs the employer less than £50 per employee, is not cash or a cash equivalent (such as a voucher), doesn’t form part of the employee’s contract, isn’t provided in recognition of services to the employer, and isn’t provided as a reward for good performance. For more information, please visit the HMRC website. You can purchase gifts beneath the tax threshold from Simply Thank You.

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Ordering employee gifts for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and that means it's time to start thinking about what to get your employees. It can be a tough task trying to find the perfect gift that shows how much you appreciate them, but we've got you covered. Some of our best sellers for employee gifts for the holidays include wine and wine cases. If you know your employees like a particular type of wine, you can get them a bottle or case of it. If you're not sure what their favourite is, a wine gift set is always a good bet. Another popular option is food hampers. We've got hampers filled with all sorts of delicious treats, from chocolate to luxury hampers as well as baskets full of pampering products. Saying 'thank you' is always important, but it's especially important when it comes to your employees. Showing your appreciation is a great way to boost morale and keep them feeling valued.

A small gift is a great way to say 'thank you'. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, but something that shows you care. If you're based in the UK, there are plenty of great gift options for your employees with next day delivery from Simply Thank You!

How much should you spend on employee gifts?

Depending on the occasion and who you’re giving the gift to, the average amount to spend on staff gifts can range from £20 to £150 per staff per occasion, depending on the occasion and cause and your profits! There is no set response, but rewards are typically 2% of renumeration as an industry standard.

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