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5 Ways Managers can Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Published:31 May 2022

5 Ways Managers can Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Friday 3rd March is the perfect opportunity for directors, managers and team leaders in the UK to step up and say thanks to the workforce by celebrating Employee Appreciation Day. Maximising employee engagement is the key to customer satisfaction, innovation and business success – so use these 5 ideas to celebrate best behaviours in the office this Employee Appreciation Day, and show individuals just how much you value their contribution.

A team get together

Make a day (or an evening) of it and organise a team get together. Some teams – those who work remotely or are out of the office for most of the day – don’t get a lot of face time with their colleagues or managers, and if it suits your company culture, a drink at the pub or a meal at a nearby restaurant is a great way to relax and catch up in a more laid back setting. It doesn’t have to take up anyone’s free time – invite the team out for a long Friday lunch, take the opportunity to say a few words of thanks, and pick up the tab.

Depending on the size of the team, getting together outside of work is a great way to get to know each other, and there’s a lot to be said for working with people we consider friends. Excite thrill seekers with a day of go karting or sky diving, treat everyone to a pamper, or get creative with a cocktail or cooking class – conduct a quick straw poll or invite the team to make a joint decision about what they’d like to do, then deliver using a Virgin Experience. People love to talk about things they’ve done, or are about to do, and the day will create a powerful shared memory of an activity staff members may otherwise never have considered.

Team appreciation

Inviting members of staff to let each other know what they appreciate about their team mates is a positive approach to team building and engagement without the ‘cringe’ factor. You could have employees submit an anonymous message of thanks for another person in the team and read them aloud during a morning meeting, or submit a message on an online board attached to your reward program, where they can be viewed by the whole team.

**A gift **

Arrange to give a small gift to every member of the team – it might be that you choose to send everyone the same gesture, or choose something different for every person in the style of an ARK to show you value individuality.

A gift is a great choice for showing appreciation since it doesn’t place a monetary value on the gesture, arrives with company branded wrap and ribbon, and can be paired with a gift card or letter addressed especially to the recipient. Managers who take the time to write a short letter for individuals, outlining what they’re thankful for with reference to specific projects and achievements, are likely to see those behaviours repeated in the future.

**Time off **

It might seem counter intuitive, but offering a bit of extra me-time to employees in exchange for giving it their all at work says that you understand the importance of time to unwind, so people can carry on giving 100% without the risk of burning out. It might be an early finish, an afternoon off or an extra day’s holiday to take whenever they like – a great way to say thanks, and one that families are sure to love.


Why not ask your team how they would like to be shown appreciation? A survey, or just a face to face chat can reveal insights, ensuring you always get the perfect gift.

If you’re ready to organise something special for your team this Employee Appreciation Day, get in touch to see what we can do for you. Supplement an existing reward program with off-catalogue items, or arrange a one-off delivery of individual gifts chosen with each recipient in mind – just send us a Quick Enquiry and we’ll get in touch