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What is Employee Engagement?

We hate jargon and we're sure you do too, so we try to avoid it wherever possible... But sometimes during the process of proposing, designing and building your engagement program, a few technical terms can sneak through.

How to Perfect the Art of Saying Sorry

Even when customer satisfaction levels are through the roof, no brand is immune to a service failure...

25 Reward Terms Simplified

We've taken the time to list some commonly used reward terms and their meanings, so whether you're the lead stakeholder in a reward website build or simply curious, you'll know exactly what each stage of a build entails.

10 Acts of Random Kindness to Surprise & Delight Customers

Acts of Random Kindness, or ARKs, are a great way to add the important elements of surprise and delight to a loyalty program, and show customers you value them on an individual level by sending a gift chosen especially for them.

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5 Ways Managers can Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity for directors, managers and team leaders in the UK to step up and say thanks to the workforce.


Making the Most of Customer Service Gestures

Making a purchase, a service call or even a complaint feels better when we’re greeted with a smile, treated like an individual and most importantly, listened to.


Secure the Future Connection: The Benefits of Rewarding Instantly

As the world moves ever further down the online route, traditional customer loyalty and reward programs face being left behind.


Driving The Net Promoter Score: Gestures of Goodwill and Apology

Simply Thank You programs are designed to build emotional connections with customers, growing collective loyalty because they feel valued, and with it the Net Promoter Score – or levels of customer advocacy.


Rewarding with Points: Making the Most of Customer Loyalty

Simply Thank You create bespoke reward programs with the overall objective of developing schemes which are powerful enough to halt customer bleed and encourage customer switch.


Driving Employee Engagement with Reward and Recognition

Rewarding and recognising hard work amongst employees is the number one way to improve engagement and give a boost to all areas of an organisation including process, output and bottom line.


Customer Service Week

A golden opportunity to boost morale and motivate your teams, celebrating Customer Service Week opens up a lot of opportunities for quality interactions with the workforce.


Evolution of the Customer Experience for Loyalty

Given the ease with which customers can now share their experiences with a large digital audience, some say that customer experience is the new marketing, and it may be.



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