What are the latest trends in Christmas employee rewards?

Ready to select Christmas gifts for employees to say thanks for another year of hard work, dedication and great ideas?

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When it comes to employee rewards, we stay on top of what's most popular so we can help you send exactly what people want for their staff Christmas incentives. So for 2017, what's looking good?


By giving the gift of an experience, you can give someone the opportunity to try something they otherwise haven't thought of, can't afford, or would never have pushed themselves to try. Even better, you can help them realise a lifelong dream - driving a supercar, eating in a famous restaurant, or trying an extreme sport! Experiences are available for a huge range of activities, and redeemable by individuals, couples, families and teams, making them an ideal gift approach for managers gifting for different demographics.


Most-valued benefits lists tend to include ones that improve the work-life balance, or focus on an individual's overall wellbeing. Giving the gift of a gym membership, sports club registration or even a fresh food delivery service is a great way to support overall wellness for individuals who have expressed a specific interest.

Digital Gifts

Online = easy. Send digital gifts with one click, and invite employees to choose their own perfect Christmas reward, which cuts out both a long administrative process and reduces the possibility of people winding up with a gift they just don't want. As more and more people use smartphones and tablets, digital rewards are becoming the gift of choice because they land as a voucher code in an email inbox, and can be spent straight away at a range of online stores or, if you use an EQ code from Simply Thank You, redeemed at your own branded Christmas site.

Of course, these are just the latest trends in Christmas employee rewards, but there's something to be said for the traditional gift, party, or even bonus when it comes to giving your employees something they want. The key is to choose something for every individual, and make sure you're reaching them on a personal level. Ready to get started? Send us a quick enquiry and we'll help bring your Christmas reward ideas to life, whether you have a formal reward program or not.

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