What’s the right incentive for your
business and your customer demographic?

It’s a tough question, and the fact is, so often companies get it wrong. Customer acquisition, whether you are running a switch incentive or outreach to a new market, has to have global appeal to give ROI.

The industry standard has defaulted to something that tries to appeal to all – usually a gift card to a retailer or department store, or cash back. We think that smart companies can offer better customer rewards that customers really want, that won’t end up unused, unwanted or sold on.


Give customer incentives with
total choice with the onecode

The onecode from Simply Thank You was designed to fill a gap in the incentives market of offering incentives that give total choice.

Whether you are incentivising employees, customers, colleagues or partners – we all have one thing in common, and that’s our differences. Incentive programmes fail when they don’t resonate, which is why prescriptive choices never work long term.

The onecode is different.

Created with a branded redemption platform and a customisable manager’s site, the onecode can be sent in seconds to anyone.

The onecode is the one answer to rewards, recognition, treats, incentives and perks for customers, prospects and employees alike. It’s your one branded platform where team members, managers, affiliates, customers and prospects can be given a personalised reward, and check out on something they really want. It’s not prescriptive. With over thousands of rewards, from gift cards, holidays, experiences and physical gifts to choose from, if you want to reward anything, from saying thanks for their loyalty or converting a prospect to a sale, the onecode is the innovative way to offer rewards.

The onecode can work for every sector.


Onecode is the ideal solution for your financial business. If you want to decrease churn and have satisfied customers, you need to consider the onecode.


Encourage long term loyalty or reward switches with the onecode and incentivise and reward independent insurance agents, agencies and brokers. Branded to your business, the onecode can be used to create excitement around rewards at renewal, to target policy knowledge or to attract new business.


If you need dealer treats, incentives for employees or resellers or indeed a method to attract new customers, the onecode is the perfect match to drive your business forward. The onecode has been developed to support your campaigns and promotions in the areas of acquisition, retention and reward.


The onecode is the ideal reward for the utilities sector. Trusted and used by many major global brands in the sector, if you want to successfully sell direct to consumers, encourage sign ups to particular tariffs, eBills or energy meters all while reducing churn and improving customer experience, the onecode can help.


Looking to reward and incentivise travel agents? Whether your own agents require reward and recognition for promotion of routes and destinations, or if you want a more effective way to run independent agent incentives, the onecode can help.


Offering rewards to encourage new customer signs up could be critical for you in a world of competing subscription services and streaming, but employee engagement matters too. Incentivise and reward loyalty and customise how employees, affiliates and partners engage with your brand at the same time with the onecode. Take a look at how we can support your marketing campaigns as well as ongoing recognition internally.


The onecode is the perfect partner for health businesses from public to the private sector. With a range of rewards and treats that can be tailored to your brand values, onecode is the best way to reward hardworking employees for tenure, goal achievement or simply as a way to improve employee engagement.

Are you ready to
reward the right way?


We introduced a gift giving system through Simply Thank You to both wow our customers and offer an alternative apology.

We've been working with Simply Thank You for over 10 years to help us recognize and appreciate our customers and our people with gifts and treats. Their bespoke wrapping service is just one of the things we love about them, along with their fantastic staff, great service, integrity and flexibility.

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