Recognise and reward, support your teams and attract new businessOur reward and loyalty platforms are powered by the onecode

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We offer reward platforms for customers, prospects and employees

We offer ongoing platforms for retention, reward, recovery or incentives, all powered by the onecode.

You can send a reward token which they can exchange for a gift card or eGift of their choice on your own branded platform. Large businesses choose us to create their reward platforms, to create their reward platforms, to facilitate customer loyalty and apology gifts, or to help acquire new customers. Contact us today for more information.

Reward platform for employees

Want the perfect staff rewards?

Instead of choosing your own gift card or treat for your employees – you give the gift of real choice to your employees. With the onecode the reward is given as a points or value based balance, that they can spend on a unique, branded platform. They get the choice of thousands of gift cards and digital vouchers from hundreds of top name retailers and the biggest and best names, as well as all of our products.

Give your onecode gift card value Select the recipient based on metrics that matter (use your existing HR or sales database) Choose to deliver by email or SMS and send an instant reward They access a branded platform that greets them by name and shows them a variety of treats and gift cards.

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Customer Acquisition, Loyalty and Incentives Platform

Want to attract new customers with a loyalty or incentives platform?

Don't run your switch incentives, loyalty programmes, recognition programmes and customer marketing from different channels with multiple agencies. You need the onecode. If you want to successfully sell direct to consumers, encourage sign ups all while reducing churn and improving customer experience, the onecode can help.

Credit doesn’t create excitement. Cold cash puts a stark value on their business and their value. A prescriptive gift card for one retailer, or even a multi store represents your selection, not theirs. In contrast, non-cash rewards sent through the one code open up a whole online high street for the recipient to choose from. Delivered online as points, credits or any denomination you wish, these can be spent straight away, or saved and topped up in an online wallet.

The onecode offers a platform to give and receive thousands of rewards, and it’s ideal for cost conscious customers who are primed to switch. Run your own marketing campaigns choosing from thousands of rewards. Reward long term or new customers with a top up to their onecode platform. Incentivise your own customer service team to work ‘on brand’ and reduce friction in the business.

Perhaps you also want to offer switch incentives and marketing promotions to encourage new customer acquisition, or to hold on to loyal customers? The onecode is the ideal solution, offering a reward platform for utilities businesses who wish to create both internal and external rewards from one place.

Offering thousands of rewards including holidays, treats, experiences and gift cards, the onecode is designed to change how switch incentives are run, for greater customer satisfaction and a better ROI.

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Customer Apology Platform

Want to send a gesture of goodwill to a client or customer?

Sometimes, things go wrong in customer service - either for individuals or large groups of customers who are upset. If you want to put things right, get that apology spot on with the Simply Thank You onecode platform. It allows you to give a code they can spend at a virtual high street. Perhaps they'll swap for gift cards and eCodes for best shops and brands, or choose products like wine, hampers or luxury goods. Delivered in many ways, instantly - it's always personalized, and you can add your apology message. They can top it up, bank it in a digital wallet, spend it right away, or save it for years.

It's also trackable, so you can use your live CRM data analytics and ensure your loyalty and #retention efforts are working and can be justified.

You've never seen customer experience like this!

We already support the biggest brand in finance, energy and retail with their customer recovery. Join us!

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