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Picking the right Corporate Gift

Send a Goodwill Gesture

When it comes to corporate gifts, we know what impresses. A goodwill gesture from a business goes a long way.

We are more than just a gifts company! We help you create memorable moments in a variety of ways, from promotional gifting and branding gifts through to client gifting and corporate gift boxes.

Whether you are looking for luxury gifts or something a little more budget-friendly, our range has you covered. Our team of experts have put together some of the best gift ideas for businesses, employees and clients alike to get branded presents spot on!

So if you need to say thank you, congratulations or simply want to reward your team – let us take care of everything for you with our exceptional corporate gifts.

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Types of Corporate Gifts

There are so many corporate gift ideas to choose from, but not all gifts are created equal! Here at Simply Thank You, we believe that the thought really does count. That’s why we take the time to get to know your business and find out what would truly make a lasting impression.

We also understand that everyone has different budgets, so we have a range of options to suit all budgets. Whether you are looking for high-end luxury gifts or something a little more cost-effective – we can help you find the perfect gift!

The top items people source from Simply Thank you for their corporate gifts that are sure to impress include:

Whatever your budget, Simply Thank You has a heritage of over 3 decades in supporting the biggest brands in the world with their corporate gifts, and is here to deliver for you - whether your order is for £50 or £50,000.

Personalised & Brand Your Corporate Gifts

Make your gift bespoke and personalise both the outer delivery box as well as the gift box. Pick your own branded ribbon with your logo, get it wrapped in your own brand colours. Add personal messages and select everything down to the stuffing!

Each individual gift is hand packed in our own facility based in Darlington, UK and we offer unlimited customisation.

Nothing is impossible!

  • We source all of our business gifts, running due diligence to support ethical suppliers
  • We store and pack in our custom facilities in Darlington
  • Our team add branded ribbon and wrapping paper to make each gift totally on brand and a delight to receive
  • We can customise down to the box the gift is sent in.

Simply Hampers

We have decades of experience in creating personalised, branded hampers for business. Our range includes:

  • Alcohol Hampers
  • Cartwright and Butler Hampers
  • Cheese Hampers
  • Experience at Home Hampers
  • Fruit Hampers
  • Non Alcoholic Hampers
  • Postal Hampers
  • Sharing and Team Hampers
  • Store Cupboard Essential Hampers
  • Sustainable Hampers
  • Sweets and Chocolate Hampers
  • Tea and Coffee Hampers

Looking for simply hampers and nothing else? Explore them in our gift range today!

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We introduced a gift giving system through Simply Thank You to both wow our customers and offer an alternative apology.
Northumbrian Water
We have grown our employee recognition scheme with Simply Thank You over the past seven years. The scheme is welcome by the Group and STY continue to meet the needs of our diverse business and challenging requirements, including a recent major rebrand. STY also support our various ad hoc recognition and celebration events, meeting challenging timescales.
Shirley Champion
Group HR, The co-op
Simply Thank You have been a great partner to work with, taking an initial concept several years ago and helping us build a sector leading loyalty programme. They are keen to support and develop systems as we expand our business. The system linked to our loyalty programme has helped better engage with our customer base and increase our retention rate by 10%.
Simon Moore
Head of Marketing, GSF

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