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Employee Rewards & Recognition

Reward and recognition at STY Corporate

Employee reward and recognition is about empowering managers to thank the workforce for living company values and demonstrating best practice.

With only 1 in 3 employees engaged at work, a reward and recognition program is an effective way to positively tackle the engagement divide. Use a bespoke program in line with engagement strategy to influence productivity, effort and enthusiasm and turn passive into proactive. Introducing a reward program also helps create a culture of support, highlighting opportunities for development and nurturing working relationships into the future.

How? By improving the emotional connection between employee, manager, responsibility and achievement. Recognising behaviours based on performance, service, targets or social feedback leads to a culture that helps employees aim high and achieve. Use a Simply Thank You employee recognition program to set targets, track progress and issue digital, physical and experiential rewards.

Benefits to Organisation

Improves employee advocacy and enthusiasm
Aligns employee and company goals
Creates top down culture of recognition and responsibility
Reinforces best behaviours
Measures reward issuance against objectives and highlights opportunities for development
Streamlines reward strategy for fairness and consistency
Empowers managers to reward proactively
Staff turnover is decreased

Benefits to Staff

Feel truly a part of the team
Regular opportunities for development are highlighted
Feel respected, valued and recognised
Relationships between managers and employees are improved
Examples of best behaviours are set
Job satisfaction is increased
Engagement levels overall are increased

Service Variables

Site appearance customisable to company brand and user type
Reward type: points currency, tangible gifts, digital gifts, EQ code, cards, vouchers
Set user access hierarchy for employees, rewarding managers, directors
Gifts anonymously dispatched with pantone matched paper, branded ribbon & personalised gift card
Management information & analytics
Checkout type: points currency, EQ code, credit/debit top up
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