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Customer Service Recovery

Customer service recovery at STY Corporate

With Customer Service Recovery, service failures can be corrected with immediacy, complaints can be turned into compliments, and staff can be empowered to swiftly solve customer grievances.

A customer service failure can strike at any time and in any organisation; the way the problem is dealt with is what sets a great customer journey apart. With a customer service recovery program, staff are empowered to tackle a complaint or an error head on, and issue a timely gesture of goodwill as apology - it's a more effective, more affordable and more personal alternative to cash compensation.

With a Simply Thank You recovery program, customer service employees are able to order and issue a gesture of good will while they deal with their customer, by taking about 30 seconds to complete a short digital form, recovering service standards with immediacy.

Benefits to Organisation

Corrects a service failure with immediacy
Minimises complaint escalation
Significantly reduces cash compensation
Inspires positive reviews and word of mouth
Empowers staff to rebuild customer relationships quickly
Streamlines internal complaint process
Improves service areas in line with strategy

Benefits to Customers

Feel confident that error has been acknowledged and addressed efficiently
Feel surprise and delight at receiving a gesture of good will
Receive sincere and personalised apology
Feel appreciated
Feel acknowledged as an individual
Associate organisation with positive outcomes
Perceive competitive customer service and journey

Service Variables

Site appearance customisable to company brand and user type.
Reward type: points currency, tangible gifts, digital gifts, EQ code, cards, vouchers
Set pre-approved catalogue of gestures or empower staff choice
Gifts anonymously dispatched with pantone matched paper, branded ribbon & personalised gift card
Customisable Management information & analytics
Multiple authorisation levels for gesture value & reason
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