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Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty at STY Corporate

Improve customer retention and give advocacy a boost with a customer loyalty program. Regularly recognise faithful customers by inviting them to earn rewards, or issue gestures of goodwill in return for purchase activities.

Rewards and gestures are a proven way to create an emotional connection with customers and add value to the customer journey, setting your organisation apart from competitors, and improving reputation for comparatively low cost.

With a Simply Thank You loyalty program, the focus is flexibility; invite customers to save and redeem points against a pre-defined catalogue, issue a login and invite them to select a gift of choice from the website, or send digital gifts in the form of e-gift cards or our EQ code, which can be redeemed against a huge range of digital and tangible gifts.

Benefits to Organisation

Inspires Loyalty
Inspires advocacy and positive reviews
Inspires increased and more frequent spending
Customers share with friends, family and online
Empowers staff
Creates internal focus on customer engagement

Benefits to Customers

Feel appreciated
Feel acknowledged as an individual
Associate organisation with positive experiences
Opportunity to earn rewards long term
Perceive competitive customer service and journey
Choose own reward

Service Variables

Site appearance customisable to company brand and user type.
Reward type: points currency, tangible gifts, digital gifts, EQ code, cards, vouchers
Set back end user access hierarchy for employees, managers, directors
Gifts anonymously dispatched with pantone matched paper, branded ribbon & personalised gift card
Customisable Management information & analytics
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