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Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition at STY Corporate

Grow a customer base with a Customer Acquisition program which works on the premise that when customers connect with your organisation, they earn a reward.

Acquisition programs are easy to implement, manage and run; over a specified period of time, customers who sign up, purchase, or complete the goal you define, they're issued a reward in return. Showing appreciation for customers at the start of their journey is a great way to create an emotional connection from the outset, and hint at the shape of the relationship to come.

Using a Simply Thank You acquisition program, reward customers by directing them to your branded site where they can log in, browse a catalogue and select their own reward from a pre-defined selection. Alternatively, issue a gift, voucher or digital code directly to their home, email or mobile.

Benefits to Organisation

Inspires advocacy and positive reviews
Inspires increased and more frequent spending
Creates internal focus on customer engagement
Customers share with friends, family and online
Empowers staff

Benefits to Customers

Begin customer journey with surprise and delight
Feel appreciated
Feel acknowledged as an individual
Associate organisation with positive experiences
Receive high perceived value rewards
Choose own reward

Service Variables

Site appearance customisable to company brand and user type
Reward type: points currency, tangible gifts, digital gifts, EQ code, cards, vouchers
Set back end user access hierarchy for employees, managers, directors
Gifts anonymously dispatched with pantone matched paper, branded ribbon & personalised gift card
Customisable Management information & analytics
Run for short or extended periods for increased acquisition
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